Learning Redefined

SOAAR prepares today’s learner for a V.U.C.A (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. At SOAAR, we go beyond just standardized learning; we highly uphold the building of 21st century skills; making learning personalized, purpose-driven and rooted in Godly principles. SOAAR admits learners from Grade 3 - 12.

Designed For All Learners

At SOAAR, our programmes are designed to make room for all learners.


SOAAR After-school Programme focuses on learning reinforcement and more. SOAAR provides rich and engaging content that drives understanding in core subject areas. SOAAR fills up the learning gaps from the four walls of the school. Reinforce learning and open up to new subject areas and life skills

Home Schooling

Our content rich curriculum with interactive activities is a final stop to engage homeschoolers educationally. SOAAR is designed to help homeschooling learners with well structured, flexible plan and content. Assessment and feedback are planned out to suit the different homeschool learners.

Online Tutoring

When additional in-person live support is the case, SOAAR provides learners with the very best online tutoring option. Offline support tutorials are also available upon request.
Choose from our professional online Tutors with international standards and accreditation


Starting at a Basic Plan of $40/month per Elementary grade learner and $50/month per learner for higher grades. SOAAR offers five Parent-led courses for Elementary, Middle and High School learners. Additional Elective courses are available at an extra fee. 

Tuition payments can be made using Debit/ Credit cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To enrol for any programme at SOAAR, all you do is to click on the admission tab and fill the form. Our Representative will contact you shortly afterwards.

The Afterschool Programme is ideal for every learner from grades 3-12. The Homeschool Programme is designed for Children who are being Homeschooled full time. While the Online learning is designed for Tutor support for both Homeschooling and Afterschool learners.

All SOAAR learners have access to our interactive platform. However, while the basic plan is simply parent-led, other Premium Plans offer a wider range of courses and support for the SOAAR learners

SOAAR is designed for every child within grades 3 -12; our platform serves as a full support for homeschoolers and a learning reinforcement for students who attend a traditional school.

Education should be productive, relevant and purpose driven. SOAAR combines great interactive learning tools for today's 21st century learner